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The one who howls

Thug in a cocktail dress
4 August 1984

I'm Shelly. Tea and sushi obsessed, I'm kind of a big deal. Often lost in thought, and refuses to stop for directions, I've decided to forge my own way. I'm getting comfortable in my skin, and I am finally comfortable expressing myself. I have a strong sense of pride, and justice and I believe fully in doing what is right for the world. I am a sheepdog. (if you understand that reference, you and I are going to get along very well)

I keep my enemies close, and my best friends even closer. I'm a sister to a combat engineer, a daughter to a medic and a childcare provider. I am a military child and supporter. I am a aunt to a child who's mother is a sister from another mister.

A little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll. I like anime and manga, but don't expect me to drop fangirl Japanese into conversation.

I'm a writer, aficionado of musicals, tea, coffee and bad romance novels. I like to pretend I'm a farmer on facebook (yeah, I'm one of those people). I'm also one of the most interesting people you'll ever meet. I don't drink a lot, but when I do...I get into trouble.

I have a blog. It's located here: http://sunnynerds.blogspot.com


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