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China Glaze:

079 Heaven (Pinky tone ivory with opal duo chrome)
556 Seduce Me (Red violet creme)
601 Lubu Heels (Black base, red micro glitter)**
651 Tree Hugger (Yellow-green/chartreuse base, yellow shimmer slight duo chrome)**
1010 Blue Sparrow--neon (neon blue base, electric blue micro shimmer)
1131 Electrify (clear base, gold and re glitter)

Color Club

Diamond Drops (clear base, silver hologlitter, chunky)**


Brazilliant (neon orange creme)

Estee Lauder:

26 Metallic Sage (Taupy green base, golden duochrome, red and purple shimmer)


Load (creme creme)


530 Gems (clear base, red, green, fuchsia, blue, silver hexagonal glitter)*** {heard that this is a dupe for a Deborah Lippman color}

Nails INC

Portobello: (Neon coral)**
Notting Hill Gate: (Neon Pink)**
Westbourne Grove: (Neon creamsicle color)**
Porchester Square: (Beighy grey taupe creme.)**
Cadogan square: (Dark sandy nude creme)**
Jarmyn st: (Purple based brown nude creme)**

Nails Inc London Magnetic Nail Polish

Trafalagar Square (Steel Gray)

Nicole By OPI

Mango Maven (salmon coral base, golden shimmer) **


Mmmm…Vould you like a Licktenstein? (deep blue based red base, golden shimmer)
Pompeii Purple (Bright purple based Pink base, blue /purple duochrome)
OPI INK (Deep purple base, red-violet microshimmer)
Glacier Bay Blues (Deep blue green base, purple duochrome.)
Rose To the Ovataion (Deep rose foil)
You Don't know Jaques! (Browny taupy grey)
Mod About You (Baby pink based lavender creme)
I'll Take the Cake (Sheer baby pink toned white with a slight opal)
Parlez-vous OPI? (Purple gray brown taupe)** {Decidedly more purple than You don't know Jaques!}
Season's Screenings (Christmas red foil)
Not Like the Movies*** (Purple with green duochrome) {In bottle looks EXACTLY like Zoya Adina. Haven't compared the two.)
Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ (Blacked red-violet wine creme)
Birthday Babe*** (silver foil)
Done Out in Deco (Midtone gray based Lavender creme)
Bright Lights Big Color** (sheer coral base, green/gold shimmer)
Goin' Ape-ricot** (sheer orange base, tangerine and gold shimmer)
Light my Sapphire (Midnight blackened blue creme)
Here today…Aragon Tomorrow (Blackened forest Green creme)
Don't Mess with OPI! (Blue based green creme)


40041 Forever Crimson (Midtone Red with red shimmer)
40484 Liquid Vinyl (Shiny black creme)


430: Whimsical (milky blue sheer base, silver micro glitter, pink and blue hexagonal)**
934: Blue Mosaic (clear base, silver, blue, green hexagonal glitter, blue micro glitter)**

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure:

340 Black Platinum** (Black base, blue and gray shimmer) {Dupe for a Chanel color}
Barracuda (Soft blue creme)
Without a Stitch (Nude creme)

Sally Hansen Gem Crush:

07 Lady Luck (raspberry base, hexagonal hologlitter, pink glitter)

Salley Hansen HD High Definition Nail Color

16 Laser** (blue base, purple duochrome, blue hologlitter)

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails:

Die-Hard Fan** (bright pumpkin orange with golden shimmer)
Black Heart (Flat black)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color

03 Spring Green (Kelly Green creme)

Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color

37 Wet Cement (Gray creme)

Sephora By OPI

Turquoise Blasted (Neon Turquoise crackle polish)
Blasted Black (Flat Black crackle Polish)
Blasted Gold (Metallic gold glitter crackle polish)
Studs and Stilettos (deep brown creme)
Just a Little Dangerous (Purple base, purple shimmer)
I'm with Brad (blacked red with red micro glitter)
Metro Chic (Dirty taupe gray creme)
Looks Like Rain, Dear (gold metallic base, hologlitter)
Only Gold For Me (Clear topcoat, gold hexagonal glitter)

Sinful Colors

108 Timbleberry** (Neon Coral creme)
220 Green Ocean (Translucent green base with green holoflecks)


Midori** (Yellow green base golden shimmer)
Charla (Blue base, brilliant blue green glitters)
Trixie (Silver foil, silver glitter) {Like tinfoil on your nails}
Michelle** (standard bright pink, blue shimmer) {I had to get my namesake polish)
Tallulah** (Bright Turquoise, blue shimmer/glitter)
Phoebe (Matte mid-tone Blue)
Dove (Blue base midtone gray creme)
Jo** (Periwinkle blue, silver shimmer)
Sooki** (Candy apple red creme)
Caitlyn** (Grayed purple creme)
Kieko** (Red-violet creme, leaning more toward violet)
Alegra (Fuchsia with fuchsia glitter)
Rica (Coral base, green duochrome gold shimmers)
Jem (Blackened purple base, golden shimmer/duochrome)
Ivanka (True green base, green glitter, blue duochrome)
Adina (Purple base, red micro glitter, green duochrome)
Breezi** (Cobalt blue creme)
Codie** (Blackened brown creme)
Apple (True green base, yellow and silver shimmer) {Significantly lighter and brighter than Ivanka. Two totally different shades)
Tamsen (Red tone red orange creme)
Lana (pink coral base, green shimmer) {Similar to Rica, though Lana is more shimmer, Rica is GLITTER}
Ali (Pink NEON)
Pippa** (creamy sunshine yellow creme)

Wet & Wild

33831 Stars & Stripes (clear base, star glitter, bar hologlitter)

For the love of all things fun, please do not say "God why do you need so many?" This is why I don't talk about makeup/lipstick or other girly things. Nail polish DOES NOT go bad. I can have it for years. Down the line I might have to buy a thinner, but shit doesn't rot so don't bitch at me.

***/** means I haven't worn it yet.
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