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-king books.-

Salem's Lot
Bag of Bones
Black House
The COlorado Kid
Cycle of the Werewolf
The Dark Half
The Dark Tower
The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger
The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three
The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands
The Dark Tower: The Song of Susannah
The Dark Tower: The Wolves fo the Calla
The Dark Tower: The Wizard and Glass
The Dead Zone
Dolores Claiborne
Duma Key
The Eyes of the Dragon
Firestarter Review
From a Buick 8
Gerald's Game
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
The Green Mile: Coffey on the Mile
The Green Mile: Coffey's Hands
The Green Mile: The Night Journey
The Green Mile: The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix
The Green Mile: The Mouse on the MIle
The Green Mile: The Two dead Girls
The Green MIle: The Complete Serial Novel
Lisey's Story
Needful Things
Pet Sematary
The Planet: Zenith Rising
Rose Madder
The Shining
The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition
The Talisman
The Tommyknockers
Under the Dome
Different Seasons
Everything's Eventual
Four Past Midnight
Full Dark, No Stars
Hearts in Atlantis
Just after Sunset
Night Shift
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Skeleton Crew

Somehow this seems short to me. Maybe I'm missing a few, and if I am, I'll add them. But I got this list off of King's website, so yeah. Strike out the ones I read/have read. If I talked about them I'll link it.
Tags: a list entry, book pron, book talk, king is well....king?
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